What is Maddy’s Roadmap?

Maddy’s Roadmap is a not-for-profit counselling service for those in dire financial need. We are a team of compassionate, non-judgemental professionals who work collaboratively with “the experts” to customize a roadmap to fit your unique financial challenges and get you back on so you can enjoy everything life has to offer.


Financial Blood Pressure

How we help you evaluate how much financial stress you’re under working together to alleviate the pressures.

Cashflow Management

One-on-one counselling for those experience problems with cashflow. Like a personal trainer for your finances.

Customized Roadmap

There is no one size fits all, we customise a strategy to fit your unique goals.

Tax & CRA Arrears

It’s so easy to fall behind in our taxes, planning and strategizing for tomorrow takes away the stress when tomorrow becomes today.


Can be a debilitating, high stress, chaotic situation- we can help you make order from the chaos.

Credit Recovery

We work with clients to develop a personalized strategy to improve their credit score.

Stories of Change

A couple, located south of Hamilton, have a mid-sized home. She went on maternity leave, and her income was reduced. They chose to make the mortgage payment as normal but not the property tax; it went into arrears. The lender called them and demanded payment. The couple did not have the money. The lender then went power of sale with lawyers even though; the payments on the mortgage had been paid every month. The lady then had a major medical illness because of the stress imposed on them. After the illness they re-booked, and we gave them a method of fixing the property tax and merging it with the mortgage into a new mortgage with a lender with a LOWER rate and LOWER payment. Clients are thrilled and have done well ever since.

Property Tax Arrears Resolved

18 months ago, a Hamiltonian contacted us for a mortgage with history of double bankruptcy and no down payment for a home purchase. Maddy’s roadmap believes everyone deserves a second chance and showed him the Roadmap that was tailored to his situation and he followed the direction and the steps. He and his family got a house after a couple of months. HE GOT THE HOME NO MONEY DOWN and as a DOUBLE BANKRUPT. In August 2016, he has been a proud home owner for 2 years. He is thinking of buying a second home as rental. We are working with him and his family on an on going free basis to rebuild their credit even higher. He has done his part, we are doing our part. It is a heck of a success story.

Double Bankruptcy and Home Purchase with No Money Down

Client Perspective: “A few years back I hit a credit card problem. My income was good, my credit rating has always been great but I accumulated about $200,000 in credit card debt. I was making minimal payments on each card until the debt became too great for me to pay all of them each month.I was stressed and given 3 choices, I chose to refinance part of it. In about 1 year I had not made any progress, accumulated further debt and felt badly about it. By now my credit score had deteriorated considerably. And not having any credit cards to use for daily activities was a real struggle. Roadmap gave me a solution and a step by step program. Despite being a proud and private person I have followed the advice diligently. I have taken the steps and have gone from having a huge amount of debt and no cashflow to having a small debt, good cashflow and a much happier lifestyle. I’m not saying it was a breeze – for a long while I never bought anything for myself. But I want you to know that there is a better life at the end of financial stress! When you’re in the middle of it you would never believe it but I’m proof that you too can overcome your financial pressures by following the advice and counselling of good people. Just remember, you always have options.”

200,000 in Credit Cards

“Approximately 18 months ago, my wife and I were facing absolute financial ruin in the face of terrible investment luck and resulting large penalties levied on us by a federal agency. We spent many sleepless nights over how to pay huge debts, deal with losing our home, social status, quality of life etc.

Quite by accident, we ran across a loosely formed team of professionals that were to become Maddy’s Roadmap. In short order our problems, while not gone, became entirely manageable. The team came up with solutions, negotiated with our creditors, helped us buy and finance a new home all without passing ANY judgment on our circumstances and how we had gotten ourselves into such trouble in our middle age. An absolute breath of fresh air after having dealt with nasty creditors.

Our new circumstances allow us to actually enjoy a night’s sleep, answer the phone without having to wonder what creditor might be calling this time, be out with friends, feeling worthwhile as people again. I can’t stress enough how easy Maddy’s Roadmap made it for us to become whole again. I have referred friends to them without hesitation and will continue to do so.”

900,000 in CRA Arrears

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